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Complications of Untreated Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Gardner

Gum disease, known as Gingivitis, is common in adults and hence people often overlook it. The prevalence of Gingivitis may seem like it isn’t a big deal but the truth is that untreated Gingivitis can lead to Periodontitis and that puts you in danger of getting many unpleasant side effects. Untreated gum disease could land you in serious trouble and pose potential health risks – not only to your oral health but it can affect your overall health resulting in certain medical issues. Periodontists in Gardner, MA say that the most common dangers of untreated gum disease include pain, gums bleeding, receding gums, tooth loss, and other medical issues.


The mild form of gum disease does not generally cause much pain. You may experience some discomfort while brushing and flossing but it isn’t extremely painful in the beginning. However, if left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis which can cause a lot of pain. The progression of gum disease leaves your nerves more exposed to infection, making you more susceptible to infection, which can be very painful.

Gums Bleeding

Bleeding gums is usually the first indication that you might have gum disease. When you have gum disease, your gums often get inflamed and become more sensitive to the everyday cleaning processes of brushing and flossing. If you notice your gums bleed while you brush or floss, it points towards the possibility that you may have gum disease. If you do not take steps to reverse it, the disease will progress and the situation will worsen.

Receding gums

Leaving gum disease untreated can lead to receding gums. Receding gums could become a serious problem because it can lead to exposed nerves and further separation of your teeth and gums. When gum disease reaches a point that leads to receding gums, the consequences can already be serious and difficult to reverse. At that point, you may require immediate gum disease treatment in Gardner MA via professional interventional by a dentist.

Tooth loss

As gum disease progresses, it results in the separation of your gums from your teeth. Chronic untreated gum disease can even lead to eventual tooth loss. Tooth loss is the most serious dental problem that occurs as a result of untreated gum disease. If you experience tooth loss and wanted it restored, you would then require additional larger procedures just to replace the missing tooth.

Other medical issues

Ask your family general dentist in Gardner and they will tell you that your oral health is linked directly to your overall health. Medical issues like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension have been linked with gum disease. Hence, it is especially important to control the infection in your gums as it could travel to other areas, posing risks to your physical health.

By leaving gum disease untreated, you risk pain, tooth loss, and other health issues. Plus, the situation can be very difficult to reverse requiring professional intervention which could put a huge hole in your pocket unnecessarily. The safest way is to have your gum health evaluated at a Gardner family dental clinic in a timely manner and maintain a proper oral hygiene routine.