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Gum Disease


Gum disease treatment in Gardner, MA 01440

8 out of 10 Americans suffer from gum disease (called gingivitis) and surprisingly they do not always know about it. Gum disease is often overlooked because the early symptoms may not necessarily get recognized by you. Progressing gum disease can lead to multiple problems including periodontitis and at Gardner Smiles, we are committed to render

periodontal disease treatment in Gardner


We pride ourselves for offering quick, and effective

Gum treatment in Gardner

to keep at bay any serious damage to your dental health and smile.

As your

periodontists in Gardner, MA

01440, our services run the scope of basic cleanings to scaling & root-therapy and antibiotic therapy to name a few.

Symptoms of gum disease

Know that gum disease is usually silent until it becomes more severe and hence precautions and timely treatment can save you from serious dental woes. Visit Gardner Smiles if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms

  • Bad breath
  • Feeling pain while chewing
  • Sensitivity to things and temperature
  • Bleeding gums and mild pain
  • Swollen red gums

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, it indicates you may need immediate periodontal care.

Gum Disease treatment in Gardner MA
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