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Panoramic Radiography


Panorex in Gardner, MA 01440

Panoramic x-rays are super-easy and extraoral. These are wraparound images of your face and teeth that offer a crystal clear view of your dental health which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Gardner Smiles recommends panoramic x-rays to expose hidden structures, detect any early signs of cavities and also to spot any fractures or bone loss.

At Gardner Smiles, we have experienced dentists who make the most of panoramic x-ray technology. It helps us evaluate our patients’ dental health thoroughly and helps them plan their future treatment. Since there is very little exposure to radiation, this procedure is considered ultra-safe. Panoramic x-rays are taken when they are needed allowing you to see structures such as your sinus areas, mandibular nerve and nasal areas. The procedure is absolutely safe and doesn’t take much time.

Panoramic x-rays help us:

  • Expose cysts or any sort of abnormalities
  • Exposre jawbone fractures
  • Evaluate the development of TMJ
  • Spot cavities or gum disease
Panoramic Radiography


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We offer panoramic x-rays in Gardner, MA 01440 area. If you have any questions or concerns, visit our dental care clinic in Gardner, MA 01440.


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