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Ultrasonic Scaling


Ultrasonic cleanings in Gardner, MA 01440

Ultrasonic scaling is a non-surgical technique which is completely painless and doesn’t take much of your time. Count on Gardner Smiles for professional and effective ultrasonic scaling for a brighter, white and beautiful smile. Ultrasonic scaling is not required for every cleaning but it is a tremendous benefit when it is needed. At Gardner Smiles, we believe that tooth cleaning is way more than enhancing appearances. We use ultrasonic scaling or cleaning to keep at bay any periodontal disease when necessary. Maintaining a clean mouth not only helps improve your oral health, studies have proven that it helps improve your overall physical health.

Your teeth may need special ultrasonic cleanings for various reasons. Dental plaque and stains that build-up on your tooth surfaces could be one of them. A harder deposit which is called tartar or dental calculus can form both above and below your gum line which is a sign you may need to schedule for a thorough dental cleaning.

Ultrasonic scaling


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