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Dental Examinations


Dental examinations and cleanings in Gardner, MA 01440

Regular dental examination is extremely important not only for your dental health, but your overall physical well-being too. Majority of us underestimate the importance of routine dental examinations and cleanings. At Gardner Smiles, our dentists are professionally trained and certified to provide you with courteous dental care. Our dentists in Gardner, MA 01440 thoroughly evaluate your dental health and let you know if any treatment is needed. They also clean your teeth, gums and other difficult to reach areas of your mouth using high-end technology.

When plaque and tartar start building up in unreachable areas of your mouth and go overlooked, they can snowball into more severe problems. During your visit to Gardner Smiles, we examine your mouth to diagnose any sort of abnormalities present in your mouth and to assess the condition of older work.

Dental Examinations


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